Saturday, September 03, 2005


Japan is awesome...
The flight was long and tiring, but the view was awesome!
It took a long to actually arrive to the JCMU Center but I did get here safely. I arrived at the Nagoya airport at 6:20pm and after shipping my luggage, exchanging money, taking a bullet train, and a local train, which was 5 hrs later I arrived hot and tired. The scenery was awesome...tons of building signs in kanji, japanese everywhere, and lil vending stores made me excited and anxious all at once. I mean it has finally sunk in that I'm going to Japan, mainly because i'm already here!

I did get to meet a few other students when I finally arrived on campus, which consists of two buildings (it's more like a center). One of them being the dorms and the other the actual academic building. Our dorms which have two bedrooms, a bathroom, eating area, and kitchen is more like an apt. Everyone here so far are American and we are all rooming with each other. I met my roomate, Rebecca, at the airport and trecked to campus with her and my flight companions. I will be living in the apt for a few weeks till I am finally placed with a host family. Rebecca is nice and has been to Japan before, her older sister actually was a previous JCMU student and is now in the JET program teaching english in a nearby town. When we finally arrived at the Center around 11pm...we realised that dinner was not provided so we walked to a near by convenience store and bought food. Japanese money is funny and taking a bit to adjust's gonna be hard to budget since everything is two zeros higher then the US. example: $10 in the US is about's hard to know how much you are actually spending. I know I'm a few days behind but I will be back on tomorrow to give more updates on my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day in Japan....and upload more pics! till then ja mata!


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